Insulation is a technique that allows to avoid heat dispersion in pipes, equipment and tanks in the industrial sector, guaranteeing the maintenance of the thermal gradient in the processing of the plants in the OIL & GAS sector.

The purpose of the insulation also plays a fundamental role in terms of noise reduction, in fact increasingly restrictive laws in the acoustic field both in terms of protection of personnel and the environment, have imposed greater attention on the problem of noise.


The Fixed Metal Scaffolding are used in construction and civil engineering works or in other work at height.

Fixed metal scaffolding are scaffolding systems consisting of prefabricated metal elements, intended to be mounted on the structures under construction or under maintenance and used connected to the façade by means of anchors.


Asbestos is a fibrous material, consisting of natural mineral fibers belonging to silicates.
Asbestos is a silicon-based mineral with high insulating properties and therefore used in the past for the production of composite materials (for example, roofing sheets, flues, pipes) and insulating materials.

If you breathe in, dust containing asbestos fibers can in fact cause serious pathologies, asbestosis for major exposures, tumors of the pleura, or pleural mesothelioma, and lung cancer.
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Metal carpentry is one of the most successful technologies nowadays, there are various types and it produces many advantages.

It is closely connected to the architectural, construction, mechanical, naval, but also artistic sectors, thanks to the versatility of the forms that the metal can assume as a result of the different processes; it is the beating heart of any construction work.


Painting with liquid spray paint products offers a wide range of plant solutions, determined by the countless possible cycles, by the characteristics of the paint (solvent or water-based, single-component or two-component, etc.).

The pre-treatment is determined by the type of material and surface state, which are associated with series application cycles. Depending on the piece, anti-corrosion or aesthetic finishing aspects prevail.
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